Billy Graham
Welcome to Preacher Film's official website for the motion picture "Billy: The Early Years".

Before he became a household name and a confidant to world leaders, "America’s Pastor" was just known as Billy.

Preacher Films will take you on a journey into the life of Dr. Billy Graham from childhood to the famous 1949 Los Angeles crusade which ultimately made him a public figure and the internationally recognized religious leader we all know and love.

Starring Martin Landau, Armie Hammer, Kristopher Polaha, Lindsay Wager, Jennifer O'Neill and Stefanie Butler. Directed by: Robby Benson. Written and Produced by: William Paul McKay. Written by: Jana Rutledge. Produced by: Lawrence Mortorff. Associate Producer: Grant McKay.

We Need You!
Come and join us in the production of Billy: The Early Years.

Dear Residents of Tennessee,

Preacher Films presents you with an exciting opportunity to be a part of a new motion picture being shot in and around the Nashville area on the life of young Billy Graham. We are looking for people interested in taking part as extras to report to the Wilson County fairgrounds in Lebanon, TN, on April 17th, 2008.

This will be an amazing day and marks the time when young Billy Graham walks forth and opens his heart to Jesus.

Special guests will include the stars and cast of the movie alongside internationally renown pastors. Food and entertainment will be provided.

This is your chance to be a part of history.

For more information please dial 888.207-1214

We look forward to seeing you there,
The Producers

Appropriate Attire:

MEN can wear conservative suits (black, brown, gray, navy) and off white shirts. Men can also wear worn-looking overalls with off-white (no white-white on anyone) shirts and non-flashy ties.

WOMEN should wear conservative dresses. Women's dresses must NOT have crazy patterns and must be as dark as the men's suits: brown, gray, black, navy, beige, rust. Small florals are OK; large ones are NOT. Women please use very light make-up and DO NOT wear make-up colors that stand out.

Cotton and wool are preferable.

TO RSVP CALL 888-207-1214

Wilson County Fairgrounds

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