Centuries Book

No other book in history has been so widely translated, so studied, or sold as many copies as the Bible. Yet no other book has elicited as much controversy or drawn as much scorn as it has praise and regard from men of learning and influence. Today, in a world increasingly secularized and culturally non-religious, the Bible remains the best-selling book of all time and the final authority for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Yet its true influence on civilization has never been fully cataloged or studied. Its adherents affirm it is the key to human progress. Its critics scorn such claims as pietistic interpretations of social forces which would have achieved the same ends regardless of the Bible’s presence or absence. Proponents declare the Bible as the manifesto for human dignity and freedom, while critics argue the Bible has restrained human progress, deepened prejudice and promoted bigotry.

In this fascinating feature docudrama and seven part television series…, American Trademark Pictures cameras travel around the world, looking at cultures that have embraced and those that have rejected the Bible. Historians, sociologists, philosophers and social anthropologists lend their authoritative voices to the arguments for and against the Bible’s influence – positive and negative. The program takes a first-hand look at chapters in American and World history, examining the personal journals, diaries, and writings of some of the most famous men and women of history….looking at their achievements through the lens of their recorded motivations and reasons for their history shaping endeavors. Dramatic recreations shed light on the personal private lives and the guiding passions that triggered some of the most pivotal moments and history shaping events in the evolution of human civilization.

In keeping with ATP’s requirement for journalistic integrity and impartiality in its documentary productions, the series does not promote a bias either in favor of or opposed to assertions of the Bible’s significance in world history. There is, however, a significant body of evidence in the historical record to suggest that the Bible and its influence on individuals who made history-shaping achievements in their lives, is more than circumstantially present in the motivations behind some of the most important changes in the historical record of mankind. The series will document those associations, then give voice to both supporters and detractors to allow the audience to decide for themselves the validity of the claims for the Bible as truly the Centuries Book.