Crown of Thorns

Caesar Tiberius sentences Pontius Pilate (his son-in- law) to govern the hellhole of Judea (today’s Afghanistan), for crimes against the state. Pilate finds himself embroiled in a political nightmare, caught between a terrorist revolutionary group and the greedy High Priest, Caiaphas. Pilate’s wife, Claudia (adopted daughter of Caesar), does her best to help her politically inept husband navigate the complex geopolitical conditions of first century Judea. Caiaphas, a modern day Bernie Madoff and illegitimate high priest (vassal of Rome), has built a multi-million dollar empire that defrauds the Jewish people.

The over taxed and oppressed Jews are desperate for a messianic leader that will drive out their Roman occupiers. Into this vortex Jesus of Nazareth (arguably the most popular Rabbi in Israel – drawing crowds of 200,000, as he enters Jerusalem) publically indicts Caiaphas, exposing his crimes, while simultaneously disappointing the Jewish revolutionaries with a message of non-violence against Rome. The consequences of these actions unite Caiaphas, Pilate, King Herod and Judas (a revolutionary terrorist), in a conspiracy to murder Jesus. Thus, this film is the greatest story NEVER told.