The Witnesses

The story begins in Heaven where a jury of human peers (the Cloud of Witnesses), are regularly assembled to witness the lives of others, and to testify on Judgment Day, as to whether these individuals have lived their lives well. Two Witnesses, Cliff and Paul are assigned to observe several lives, primarily Mitchel Becket, a notable Washington, D.C. minister and television personality (“America’s Pastor”) and Kate Andersen, an aspiring journalist, working her way through graduate school, at Georgetown University, as a high dollar call girl, for a prominent US Senator and his wife, on their way to the White House.

The story arcs of Mitch and Kate cross at the intersection of compromise and romance. Both demonstrate tremendous potential to be “world-changers” and yet they’re both deeply flawed human beings, who are willing to cut moral corners to advance their careers, trusting the end will justify the means. Will their impossible love conquer all?

Will these two become world-changers or will the world change them?